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This service tunnels HTTP requests and changes the MIME type of text/html resources to application/xml or application/xhtml+xml. This allows accurate testing with XHTML user agents such as Firefox, Opera, Amaya or Google Chrome.

When an input document is not well-formed, the unmodified source is output. An XHTML user agent will then detect the well-formedness violation. Otherwise, a comment <!-- XHTML Proxy has successfully processed this page. --> is added at the end of the page.

XML validators, even good ones, don't know that

To make a long story short, sending XHTML as text/html is no longer considered harmful.

Internet Explorer uses a validating XML parser which fetches any DTD referenced in the document type declaration. This leads to excessive traffic at w3.org. Therefore, the well-known URLs of the XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 1.1 DTDs are rewritten to point to my own server. Don't expect too much, though – Internet Explorer is not an XHTML user agent, so you will only see a generic XML document.


Don't hesitate to send your comments to Christoph Schneegans (Christoph@Schneegans.de).

XHTML pages that pass

These pages use an XHTML document type declaration and are properly rendered by XHTML user agents:

XHTML pages that fail

These pages use an XHTML document type declaration, but are not even well-formed: